Thursday, January 14, 2010

Child Stages - 12- 18 mos

My little princess will soon turn 15 months, and i am searching the net on what should I expect as of this time. ( I am actually multi tasking because I am reading about alli reviews too ). We all know that every child is different, but these are just guidelines that we can somehow follow. Here's a little sharing

Walk. Some toddlers will already be walking by the time they turn a year, while others will take their time and wait several months to do so. Either way, just about all healthy toddlers are able to walk independently without difficulty by 18 months, may even be starting to run, and often find a new way to amuse themselves by walking backwards.

Improve their communication skills. By 12 to 15 months, the average child says two or more words besides "dada" and "mama." Some 18-month-olds will even begin to put two words together, although this is considered to be a two-year-old accomplishment.

The second one bothers me because Dominique is not really into talking yet, so we encourage her by having conversations with her everyday. With walking, she walks on her own since December and she is running too and even climbing up the stairs. Time surely flies fast. Soon, i wont be surprised that she's 2 years old already.

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