Monday, March 31, 2008

We are Back!

That was just a very nice vacation that we had at Shangrila Mactan... Its the best! I will post pictures soon, so as with our stories.

We love the place.. we love the food. we love everything :) if only im not pregnant, Gelo already plans to celebrate his birthdy there on September.. Hahaha.. If you have the budget, you should see Shang.. They have a lot of activities for the kids too. Joaqui loves the toddler's pool with water cannons:)

I will be beack with the detailed kwentos of our vacation. Im back to work. Birthday preps din ni Joaqui :) Will bloghop later! Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Casinos any one?

My father and my aunt love to play in casinos especially in las vegas. My father loves to play poker and black jack, while my aunt loves to play the baccarat. They tend to travel in search of a good casino. After knowing this, i told them that in the USA online casinos are becoming popular. They asked me how to play online casinos i gave them this one website that offers online casinos. They become hook up with this, and they are thanking me since they was able to save some cash from gas without sacrificing their favorite past time.

Donate for a cause

My friends uncle is considered a rich man, he has lots of properties including boats. He currently bought several new ones, He is thinking to donate boats to charity. Yes to charity, He said many people in need will definitely be helped if i was to donate my boat to charity. Thus, he is checking the net for organizations that accepting boat donations.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

In need of help

One of my friends was involved in an accident; as a result he needs massive dosage of pain killers. He was into pain killers even he was already on the road to recovery. Thus, he admitted to his family that he is becoming an addict. As a result, the family checked some drug rehabilitation center, so that my friend will be rehabilitated.

I'm looking forward to his rehabilitation; with his family & prayers on his side...i know he can recover.

How Important is your brand name?

Since the time that I wanted to have my own business, I love conceptualizing business names. I wanted something that would really strike the market and my target customers. I believe that brand names plays a vital role in every product. It has a great impact with the recall it gives to your customers. A unique one can be easily remembered too. Me and my sister are planning to put up an online business soon, and we already have a few ideas on the items that we will sell, website layout etc. But we are considering getting the services of a good
Marketing Company to help us with the branding and some more marketing strategies. I know that online shops are very promising nowadays, and there's a big competition in this field. In order to get the business going and meet targeted sales, a comprehensive marketing plan is needed. I really wanted to have a good brand name for the onloine site to start off, and we will work from there. We can arrange some promotions for the first few weeks of the site, or a special discount to loyal customers, or a raffle draw to lucky buyers. I know that a very good marketing company can still draw a lot of plans for us and it gets me excited too. Wish us luck in this new challenge and hope that business will be good even with the low economy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Summer !!

You Are a Retro Bikini!

You prefer a bikini that's flirty and feminine, not flashy.

You look sweet and sexy - a rarity on the beach these days!

Computer Upgrade

We are planning to have our computer upgraded. I got my computer memory deal here online. We are upgrading our computer memory and i was surprised to see products from various manufacturers such as Samsung, Hynix, Qimonda, Micron, Elpida. Found My Best Deal on Memory at at a very good price. Go and check the website to see their products.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Matters of the Tooth

My friends aunt lives at Nebraska,and she is a certified/registered dentist. She's planning to put up a dental clinic near their home. But she is still considering the option of joining a dental company. There are so many Lincoln dentist that offers good services and procedures, some include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, fillings, crown, bridgework and extractions just to name a few. But definitely one factor to consider is their philosophy or mission objective, if i am the patient i will be very at ease if i know that my dentist will have empathy and understanding and of course a gentle touch in which she or he takes time to ensure that i will not feel any pain.

I was able to check some sites regarding dental clinics that offer different services and i must say the following services must be considered to all inspiring dentists who are hoping to put up their own clinics.
Children can enjoy Video Games while waiting
Patients can bring their favorite DVD or CD to listen to during treatment
Has a gentle touch and his patients will not feel pain
Parents can bring their school aged children and his staff will watch them,
while parents receive treatment
Everyone can enjoy music from the stereo system installed in the office
Everyone who works in the office is friendly, kind and dedicated to make every
patient feel comfortable
loves children and caters to cowards

The above services can make you one of the best Nebraska dentist.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I weighed 110 lbs. during my first check up 2 saturdays ago, and now feeling ko 115-118 na ko LOL! Ikaw ba naman ang humiga the whole day at kumain na lang ng kumain, tignan ko kung di ka tataba. bwahahah! Im just enjoying this stage and I am so thankful that up to this day, no "V" episodes yet! Walang kokontra.. LOL! I am saving all my energy for the weekend.. we are off to Shang Cebu !!!! I am SO excited!

Free again !

Who wouldn't want to have that feeling when you are swamped with debt? I know a friend who had tons of credit cards before and wasn't able to handle his finances that well. He found himself in deep debt that he never thought he could still fix things. He found a way to have a debt relief this year and she's just so thankful for that. Now she maintains only 2 cards for emergency needs.

Safety First

I am always on a lookout for items that would provide utmost safety for my family, especially now that I will have 2 kids in the house soon. I remember my grandma and her cutter when she was into sewing then. I almost cut my finger when I played with the cutter. Did you know that there are safety cutters nowadays in the market that is so applicable for households with kids? I received one from my aunt the last time she sent me a package and I can't help but show it to my mommy friends because of it's safety features. Go and check it out, and be sure to grab one for your home.

Hey, it's me

After my blogging hiatus, i am back, im not sure yet until when :) I am just too lazy, I guess its an understatement already. I am so thankful to Gelo for helping me with all the nga lang, kanya daw earnings nun LOL. We are off to Cebu on Friday, and i am so excited. I just wanted to rest til Friday so I have some energy when we hit Shang on Friday.

Be back, I will finish some tasks for a while.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Consolidate Debt

More and more people find themselves burdened with loads of debt these days. They almost literally go through hell coughing up interests on their home loans, car loans, personal loans and more often than not, credit card loans. Those having the habit of reckless spending are the people who suffer more. They spend beyond their real capacity often makes them borrow money which they are in no position to repay. This problem is very much in common nowadays. Since, almost all of us are into shopping frenzy whenever we see this sign…SALE!!! As a result, the interest on the borrowed money keeps multiplying and the person sinks deeper into debt. Clearing the debts becomes their topmost priority at such times. And sometimes, they will sell some of their assets just to pay off their debts, Sell their car, house or even appliances. There is now a way to solve this financial crisis thru debt consolidation. Yes, debt consolidation this is one of the most effective options for a person with a high debt. This is where you take out one loan to pay off another. This is often done to secure a lower interest rate, secure a fixed interest rate or for the convenience of servicing only one loan. is debt consolidation. In this system, all the debts of the person are consolidated so that he/she is required to make only a single monthly payment with low interest rates. In this way, to consolidate debt makes it easier for them to get out of high-interest debts. This will lighten your financial load.

But still the ultimate solution for this is to spend less. Try to control your expenditures. Stop spending unnecessarily. If you don’t need it…don’t buy it. Buy less on credit and more in cash…in this way you will have no problems on when to pay ;where you will get the payment for your debt.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fashion School

My cousin in California will son be graduating in high school and she is so much into fashion so she is considering enrolling herself in a top fashion school in california . She's trimming down her choices between the fashion schools in los angeles that she has seen online. She would really wanted to make it big soon, so being at the best school is a must for a very good formation when it comes to style. We never thought that there's a lot of fashion schools in california, and she is really pondering on which school to choose. She plans to visit a few schools by next week already. I wish her all the luck.

A blessed holy week for all of us

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. "

Monday, March 17, 2008

recipes and a lot more

I love to cook and its really one of passions lately. Whenever I have a new recipe, I let my husband have a taste of my masterpiece. . I am very proud of what I can accomplish , since I can definitely cook well, as people always say. Once, I tried to test my cooking skills by preparing a Tuna or Chicken Pesto for dinner. And to my amazement, when dinner came the chicken pesto is already served. The aroma, wow it’s like coming back to our favorite Italian restaurant. A few friends asked me where am i getting the recipes; I said to them that i was able to discover a site called where you just type what recipes you are looking for. I was able to check the site and some of the features of it include, sharing your recipes with your friend, discussion about recipe ideas and techniques with other people and also nutritional analysis of your recipes… this is really great since you can have this site analyze the nutritional content of what you are eating. Also this site helps you to plan your meal, and create a dinner party.

After checking the site, my stomach begins to crumble again. Im off to trying a few more yummy recipes soon.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have a lot of tasks to finish lately, and its just so untimely because ifeel so tired and lazy. Sometimes i blame myself for grabbing more than i can handle now. So i learned my lesson, im cutting down with my bids and tasks, since I really cant focus on them now. I will just be back to my normal slef when i can blog like crazy again.

business loan

My friend & i are planning to put up a small business. This will be our first venture to the business world. We've talked to some of our friends that have already put upped a business and one advise is to check We were able to check the site, and they cater to your financial needs they have all kinds of loans from personal to small business loans. As we further checked the site, were amazed that they can give you a personal loan upto $50,000 with no collateral required and receive a no obligation loan decision. For small business loans they can give you upto $100,000 and the benefits are so tempting, no collateral or equity required, easy application process & confidential expert consulting from start to finish, to name a few. Also the rates are low, only at 7.99% variable APR. Our friends also advised us to check the terms of the unsecured loans that banks or other lending companies will give us, we are surprised that americaonesecured can give you upto 84 months. We will still check for other sites but definitely this site is already on our top list when we start to apply for a small business loan.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Honda Radiators

I know a few when it comes to cars and it's parts since I am not really fond of it. Lately, I saw a website that sells radiators online. is the largest radiator distributor in the country. They have a warehouse that houses 60,000 different radiators and condensers. All radiators are backed with Unlimited lifetime warranty. They have warehouses located all over US to make sure they can accomodate the client's needs. I remember a good friend looking for a Honda Radiator and i will just refer him to this site or he can also call toll free at 1-800-395-3889. They have the best quality of radiators that can match or even exceed the current one you have right now at the best price.

On Leave

I missed the hot mommas big chill date/ surprise get together for Apols last Friday. What happened? I am not feeling well.. huhuhu

The last minute, I really tried to lift my butt off the bed. Gelo was home at 4pm, and we have ample time to travel to makati and make it for my date with the mommies. Hay, di na kaya ng powers ko. When Gelo Arrived home, Im still lying in bed and he said " kala ko ba aalis tayo? "

.. I am just too lucky for now, no vomiting episodes yet.. Ayaw ko nun!!! So I sent Thea a message telling her I cant make it. Huhuhu.. I missed that date again girls .. miss ko na kayo:)

The "I" Word

Snagged this from Apols.. :)

I AM… ME :)

I WANT… to have an easier pregnancy this time.. pleeaassse

I HAVE… a son and a new baby soon

I WISH… for good health .. (for my whole family)

I HATE .. waiting , and currently feeling dizzy

I FEAR…growing old and beiing alone

I SEARCH …for nice and cheap items online hahaha!

I WONDER… if we are having a girl or a boy:)

I REGRET…nothing

I LOVE…my family so much..

I ALWAYS… eat!

I AM NOT…good in drawing

I DANCE…like crazy LOL.. feeling teenager

I SING…like a pro!! bwahaha!

I CRY… when i do feel like it

I WRITE…because i love to write.

I WON… a lot of medals in grade school andhigh school

I AM CONFUSED…if I wills end joaqui to pre school this year with my condition

I NEED… to sleep early

I SHOULD… sleep early, bawal magpuyat sa buntis


The Medtronic Lawsuit

This is a special information for all of us. Just in case you are still not aware, Medtronic Inc. has removed its Sprint Fidelis defibrillation leads from the market after five patient deaths have been linked to the devices. The Medtronic Lawsuit was due to the recall of their products, which was said to be hazardous for one's health. On OCtober 15, 2007 , Medtronic recalled the following products from the market:

• Sprint Fidelis 6930
• Sprint Fidelis 6931
• Sprint Fidelis 6948
• Sprint Fidelis 6949

If you suspect that you maybe affected by these products, consult a doctor or call 1-866-50-RIGHTS (1-866-507-4448) or fill out the online Medtronic Sprint Fidelis case review form today.

Pesto is Gelo's new favorite.

I think Carbonara has found a rival.

I cooked my 2nd Pesto for this week. Gelo is back on diet.. for the nth time. So since I am a supportive wife, ayan, pinagluto ko ng pesto sauce:) I topped it with grilled chicken strips before serving or tuna sometimes.. he even tried using the pesto sauce ( Extra virgin olive oil with basil) for his Romaine Salad.. LOL.. It tastes good.. We even sprinkled a bit of Italian Seasoning.. yum yum:)

Sorry, no pics for now, tamad si buntis:)

Yey!!! Fantastic!

Thanks Ems !!! I always sleep early na.. and im too lazy.. if not for the tasks:) Thanks again..

Passing to all hot mommas out there:)

ESET Smart Security

Being a daily user of the internet, I know I should be aware of some precautionary measures that I should install in my computer. A lot of viruses, exploits, malware and email threats are up for internet users. The one I am currently using right now is not the really the best I should say, so I am thinking of getting the ESET smart security . It blocks more than 70% of malware threats, blocks spams to prevent annoying bulk mail, and gives you the security when you connect online. They have a 1 year or 2 year subscription, and the more computers you sign up with them, the bigger savings you get. If you also want this type of Security, get ESET from Software Security Solutions. They even have a 30 day Money Back guarantee and phone or online chat technical support.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The soon to be kuya

I only had one lucky shot of the little boy. He's already removing his slippers with the last shot.. ayaw na talaga pa picture. And look at his face. nagmamakaawa na tigilan ko na ang camera. Ang kulit ko naman kasi eh.. LOL

Thank You :)

Our special thanks to all of you who shared with the joy we are experiencing now. I'm delighted to read all the messages.. Thank you.. thank you..

I need to go back with my online tasks.. kailangan mag ipon pang shopping... LOL

I'll be back with a lot of cutie finds online.. yes, i browsed some maternity tops.. and not so maternity ones na pwede na din gawing pang preggy hahaha..

Silver is the new Gold

I am thinking on where to invest for this year. Since we are expecting a big outflow of cash by the end of this year, I am looking for an investment that's really quite easy for my part. Putting up a business is still not on the list, as it would require much work on my part. I thought of investing with silver , after seeing at that they are selling silver boullions. I am still not well lnowledgeable with all the procedure, so I am calling a Monex Account Representative to help me with that. I have seen at the site on how silver is widely used now whether for industrial or commercial use, so it is a wise decision to invest on it. I hope to earn big after selling my ilver boullions.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Blessing

Now I know why I'm lazy lately :)


We are so thankful for this wonderful gift.. God has been so good to us all this time. Now I can't help but to have mixed emotions.. but i will deal with that later. Feeling happy is an understatement.... im in cloud 9 still :)

I do hope this would be an easier journey for me.. I had a terrible one with Joaqui before:) Sana talaga the second pregnancy is a lot easier than the first.


We went to Megamall and met my mom's officemate. She have a small box for , who else, but Joaquin. There's Backyardigan's Pablo Singing toy, Pablo spoon and fork, Cars costume, aveeno lotion, Converse patent red sneakers, Avent 4 holes teats , Cars pajama set, and Pablo die cast toy. Everything for the little boy :) I love the shoes!! Thanks Mommy:)

Used Transmissions

I am not knowledgeable when it comes to cars, trucks and car parts, I always let my husband deal with that. Their van recently had a problem and we need to replace the transmission part. A tire also went busted and we are face with a big expense. We got a brand new tire, but my husband opted to get a used transmission part at a vary good, almost new condition. We chanced upon midwest auto recycling online , and the site is so easy to use. We just entered the Year model and make of their van and we were able to see a wide list. From there we were able to choose and trim our choices with the best price and condition. All transmissions were test driven, visually inspected and cleaned. It passes a high standard quality control, and they assure their customers that they are getting used products with the best price. Now we are not worried of spending too much for the van. We still have some extra money for some other expenses in the house.

Rule of four

Thanks Farah :)

4 jobs i have had:

Cadet Engineer / Production Supervisor
Tech Support Representative
Account Manager
Wife and Mommy :)

4 movies i watched over and over:
Romeo and Juliet
White Chicks
The Devil Wears Prada
Somewhere in Time

4 shows I watch:
Blues Clues
Local News

4 places I have been:
Today.. been to the mall :)
inside the house.. kitchen , dining and now im at the living room:)

4 places I would rather be:
In California to be with my family
Shang Mactan .. i cant wait
bedroom so i can sleep
cafe breton to have my la pinay

4 things I look forward to this year:
Our trip to Shang Mactan
Joaqui's 2nd birthday
Ricca's vacation here in manila
My big day in november:)

Snag this if you like:)


There's a bit of silence here for a while... there's a reason for it.

I will be back.. very soon .. with a BIG BANG !!!!

Just Wait :)

New York .. New York

Ever since I became a great fan of Sex and the City, I have always been fascinated with New York. It's wit and glamour is so evident thats why a lot of tourists flock to that area. My sister will visit New York soon for a business meeting and she is so excited as well. It will be her first time and I can imagine her happiness since it's an all expense paid trip. She is still looking for the best New York Hotel Deals. She wanted a hotel in the city center with the complete amenities she's looking for. She is comparing some hotels in her shortlist , and she might do the reservation online for easy access. She has 2 days entirely for herself that she can use for her tour. The site she visited , New York is so complete with information, that even all the must-see sites were listed and its proximity to the hotel. She's definite to book in this site and maybe book the tour with them if they offer that service too. She was able to see whats in store at New York thru that site. I can't wait for her to do some shopping there too, it's a must in her to-do list.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's happening?

I don't know. I am not getting productive here. I can't even bloghop.. huhuhu.. I hope Il get my groove back tomorrow. I had a lot of stories to share :) But meanwhile..ito muna...

I specifically asked Gelo to match Joaquin's outfit last Sunday, before we went to his Lola's Birthday celebration.. The shades of their shorts aren't exactly the same.. but both in cargo style.. and look at those Crocs :) Ayaw din ni Joaqui mag cap.. I'm having a hard time to make him smile.. He loves it when he sees the cam and try some shots.. but he would rarely smile talga.. parang laging pang 1 x 1 ID picture pose nya, LOL.. what do i expect pa ba from boys? Not unless candid ang shot.. dun lang ako nakaka timing ng nice smile..

But i love this pic still.. kahit na mukhang ant na lng yung horse ni Joaqui sa polo shirt nya as compared to his dads' hahaha :)

I will post the shots I made after this one.. blogger is acting up weird !

Monday, March 10, 2008

Avoiding Repossession

Our plans of getting our very own property soon is still under a careful planning stage. We wanted to make sure that we have a good budget to finance for that, and we want to make sure that everything is feasible. I know someone whose property was repossessed because of being unable to pay at the bank. I never wanted to be in that situation. One can have the option to stop repossession if he knows where to go and what to do. At , they give the best suggestions and solutions for repossession or quick house sale maybe. They give the consumers a very sound consumer advce to help you with your currwnt situation. I have read a t the website about the sell and rent back option, but I still have to learn a lot about that topic yet. I am glad to see this site, because I have seen really nice advices and solutions when it comes to repossession.

Presenting... Bb. Pilipinas World..

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Plain Lazy

I am, really.

I am just checking on my friendster now, and a few emails, and after this, Im off to bed. Nakakatamad talaga!!!! I should be finishing some assignments because I hate cramming when deadline arrives.. but I guess, I work best under pressure , LOL.

Have a great Sunday everyone! It's Gelo's Grandma's birthday and we are off to Marikina before lunch. Im getting Mango Bravo cake from Conti's by the way :) Yummy!

Get connected

Tele communication is such a powerful tool whether for personal, home or business use. HAve you seen a business that doesn't have one? Yeah. For whatever reason they may have, I think they should get one now, because there's a lot of small business phone systems in the market today at a very good price. The telephone is the gateway from owners / employees to their clients, so it is really a must to have one. Expect good turnout too and easy communication once you have one.

Getting healthy

Gelo is really getting serious with his diet and exercise. Why? He is not getting any healthier. His weight is still adding a few pounds , physically you will just see that he is getting bigger. So when we were at the grocery a while ago, he shopped for some Romaines, tuna and wheat bread. He is really into it, because he just had salad for dinner too. Hmm.. is this for real? A friend mine suggested him to take some colon cleanser , because this is a very effective medicine in cleanising the body from harmful wastes and toxins. He might give it a try next week, let's see what happens.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Would you believe that Gelo and i loves to wear matching shoes since college? We have the red Nike Presto before... then another Nike Sandals , and another Nike rubber shoes that I cant remember the model name too , LOL. I have always been a Terno girl.. with my older sister and with my younger sister when we were young. I got it from my mom :) She would have customized dresses for me and my sisters .. hihihi .

I would love to match my outfit and shoes with my child, and since I have a boy, then it would be terno for Gelo and Joaqui. I found these at

** this is for Gelo **

** this is for Joaqui **

Soory for the pics, they look like of the same size, LOL. It's not really of the same model, but since I loved the one for Gelo, I thought of looking for something similar for the little boy. Pwede na diba? Then look at these boardshorts from oldnavy :) I already got one for Joaqui, im thinking if i'll get one for the dad . If it wont be in time for our trip at the end of this month, they can use if for our trip on May :)

For Gelo ..

For Joaqui ..

Now you know, san napupunta earnings ko :)

need money?

If I will start a business, I will really be needing a big amount of money for my capital. I have some savings at the bank, but i think, I might be needing some more. I am thinking of applying for Unsecured Personal Loans . Everything will be done online, like submission of application forms and approvals will be online too. How easy could that be? I don't have to leave our place. I can apply for Unsecured Personal Loans amounting to $10,000 and that would be a great start for a business. So if you need extra money for a vacation, business or other personal matters, never hesitate to apply for Unsecured Personal Loans.

Could this be my business?

I have been into online shopping lately , and I really thought that I can make something out of my addiciton with it. I wanted to have a small clothing business. I will buy items online then have it shipped here at our place and sell it for a good price. But I need to get the best price for wholesale clothes so I can maximize my selling powers and profit. After hours of searching, I found greatest deals and I am so excited to order with them. I will soon have a business!! Look at this one, I found this under men's clothing and you wouldn't believe the price.

Now I can't wait! Im having women's clothing too, of course:)

My first BFF Card

Thanks to Ems for this one.. just like you, i hope i can use it for my online shopping , LOL.. Thanks dear!

Passing this to my shopping buddies, Erika , Jane , Abie, Aggie , Jacqui, Joy , Kelly and Kathy.

My cup of tea

We may all know by now what a tea is. But do we really know how it originated, it's origin and how we've come to enjoyit's flavors now? Tea is an infusion made by leaves, buds or twigs. Even in the ancient times, Chinese people are mostly into teas, and they best enjoy it when it's hot. Each kind of tea undergoes different processes and it is thoroughly performed to ensure it's taste. I grew up in a house where people loves to drink tea.

I have seen my Grandma brew some leaves to perfection. She always reminded me how good it is for my health and for my body, but I wasn't a big fan of teas then. I only got to enjoy tea when it was introduced with flavors such as Lemon and mango , and it should be cold, with ice as I would prefer it. But lately, my sister received some Pear Tea samples from her doctor, and she asked me to give it a try since it is reall good even when it's hot.. So I gave it a try, prepared myself one sachet of it, and I tried to drink it while it's hot. Wow! I really never tasted a tea like this. I got hooked drinking it, so I bought myself a box from the store the day after. I have been drinking it for a month now, and I see to it that i have my dose on mornings. Pear Teas are on of he smoothest blends and it gives you that extra lift for your day. After I got addicted with it, I tried some other white teas in the market. There's also a Silver Needle Tea , but this one is not really my type, since it is a bit strong for my taste. But Gelo said it's good power drink for him. Ireally found teas good anti oxidants for the body too. I have never felt cleansed as before. I am enjoying this more now than the iced flavored ones in restaurants. I always thought that Teas tastes like leaves, but I was really wrong with that perception. That is why I am writing this to enlighten those who are not into teas yet. The pear, pomegranate, and Tangerine teas are so tasteful and rejuvinating to the body. I also plan to get myself some tribute Eyebrow? What is that? Tribute Eyebrow is considered to be the third grade of white tea. It is made from a special tea bush and is processed slightly differently to other white teas. I am greatly enjoying white etas now, so brace yourself for some more posts about it soon. Have your cup of tea today

My five :)

Thanks Jenny :)



1. Simply choose five blogs you want to be included in your "top five list".
2.Give a short line or explanation why you put them on your list.One explanation for each blog.
3.Now tag as many blogs as you want.You can also tag those blogs you've listed in your TOP can also put your own blog in your list if you want
4.[for those who've been tagged]you can also vote for a blog that was been nominated already
(besides,this is what this meme is intended for,to know how many bloggers will nominate your blog)
5.Submit you TOP FIVE HOTTEST BLOG ENTRY here . Submitted blogs will be the only one to be included in the tally
6.Remember:Submission of entries starts from MARCH 1 2008 to MARCH 25,2008
and top five hottest blog winners will be announced in MARCH 29,2008
7.enjoy listing your top five!!!

These are the blogs/sites I visit everyday.. I only have three, im sorry :) But my number 2 is like 15 blogs already LOL. I visit online stores more:)

1 . My other site :) love your own!
2. The sites of all Mommy Bloggers Association of the Phils (aka MBAP) members LOL
3. Ricca's blog - It connects me to her life though she's far away now:) and i need to see her shopping finds also :)

Im tagging all mommies out there!

For males

The world of medicine is really advancing nowadays. Aside from new machines at hospitals, there's a lot of innovative products and medicines in the market today. I have seen products for kids like growth enhancer, or whitening pills for women, but I got most curious with the viagra that has been around for a few years already. People may find it a little delicate to talk about, so I just had my research out of curiosity. My most recent product research is the Kamagra . It's one of the cheapest and most effective product in the market today. It is said to be the answer to the problem of some men who are having problems with their genital part. It's availability comes in tablet forms and Oral Jelly. I have seen at the site that there were some reviews and testimonies of it's users, and they only have good words about thins product. Most of them even said that there's no harmful side effects at all. You can order online with utmost confidentiality, so you are guaranteed that no one will know your orders from this site. The site is also secured for online shopping, thus protecting your credit card details too. Now i Know that this products really works for men.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A - ha!

I have seen that Google has a "Report Paid Links " form pala! Maybe that's one reason why some PR's dropped easily lately.. i think :) Click here to have you directed to the page. Kung ito man yun , I report nyo na mga kagalit nyo, LOL..

And how true that some are even paid to do that??? Hmmm.. yan kaya i raket ko? LOL !!! I wanna be paid to report paid blogging sites!!! Yeah!!!!

Is is really that easy to report? Do they really i nvestigate? i wonder.

A little something from another google page..

Links are an important signal in our PageRank calculations, as they tend to indicate when someone has found a page useful. Links that are purchased are great for advertising and traffic purposes, but aren't useful for PageRank calculations. Buying or selling links to manipulate results and deceive search engines violates our guidelines.

Today, in response to your request, we're providing a paid links reporting form within Webmaster Tools. To use the form, simply log in and provide information on the sites buying and selling links for purposes of search engine manipulation. We'll review each report we get and use this feedback to improve our algorithms and improve our search results. in some cases we may also take individual action on sites.
Now that I am PR 0, i can do ( and write) anything I want , no fear at all coz there's nothing to lose :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2nd Birthday Update

With a month to go, I don't feel like cramming at all, because this is not something big LOL. But I am so thankful to my mom for the sponsorship at Storyland.

** done with the payment at Storyland
** paid D/P with Jollibee
** reserved Apple for the Decors and cupcake tree ( wala pa pala ko downpayment hehe, pwede ba paypal? )
** invitations - c/o Howell and Abie, assemble ko na lng, thanks again!
** prizes - bought some from Toys R Us and Sm, but i still need to buy some more at Diviland
** Give aways - diviland again... maybe next week

That's all I can think of right now. Oh , and Im also planning to buy some Timezone cards for the kids, so they can play at Timezone too aside from the Ride all you can tags . Let's see if i still have budget for that :) I do hope the kids will have fun , just as Joaqui enjoys playing basketball at timezone .. and riding the train and carousel at Storyland..

Pretending ..

.. to be asleep ! He loves to call me while Im doing something else, then when I check on him, he will act like he's asleep LOL :)

Monday, March 03, 2008


Toothache is killing me again!!!

Can't do anything for now.. I SHOULD really go and see my dentist..

Linky Love

Thanks Apple :)

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Join the fun .. Yen , Macy and Kathy

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I have a lot of time to read tonight! Little boy was in deep sleep at 11pm ( he sleeps at 1am naku!).. i posted Joaquin's trial class for pre school at my other site :) done with the PC.. its ME time once again..

enjoy your sunday :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Home away from home.

Who wouldn't love to go on a vacation with her family? It's already March and our countdown begins. I can't wait to spend the day at the beach.. Finally, the fruits of my hard labor is just a few sleeps away. I am happy whenever I travel with my family, whether it is just a few miles away, as long as it's a vacation and its a time for us to just relax.. something that is too far from what we always do at the city. I keep on researching for nice places to visit every year, or whenever we have a reason to celebrate. Anyone who has seen real estate Branson ? They have really nice lodges and villas that is perfect for families. I might check that one soon.

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