Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Acuatico Weekend

Me and my friends have long been waiting for this quick getaway to Acuatico. We made our reservation last November 2012 as the resort is fully booked at most times during weekends. 

Acuatico Beach Resort is located 140 km (87miles) south of Manila and lies on a brief stretch of Laiya’s famous 4-km beach in San Juan, Batangas, one of the Philippines’ most popular vacation destinations. 
Roughly about a three-hour drive from Manila, it is the only exclusive luxury resort of its kind in Laiya with fully furnished Balinese-inspired modern villas and rooms that can accommodate a maximum number of 70 guests. 

We arrived at 11am and we were allowed to use the hotel facilities. The kids immediately took a dip in the swimming pool. We decided to have buffet lunch at the resort.  After which , we hit the beach but it was scorching hot so we went back to the pool. As expected , my kids are still hyper so we went to the beach around 4pm. The waves are big so I decided to just let them stay at the beachfront playing with sand castles. We all love the unlimited coffee and tea. I personally like their service as well. The staff are polite and attentive to the guests needs. 

The next day , we woke up early for breakfast and of course, swim right after. Bitin!  We should hav booked 3d/2n for this getaway. The resort also has a playroom which the kids enjoyed too . We took this time to have our photo shoot while the kids are in the playroom. We will definitely comeback soon! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Green Smoothies

I think I am starting to gain weight already from eating too much even after dinner.  You know how hard it is to resist food, especially home cooked ones? Oh well, I better start doing some regular exercise and a healthier diet too. Last week, my friend gave me some juicing recipes and even shared with me a video about the benefits of green smoothies. I am not really into eating veggies, but now it is on my top list. I will start with making them into smoothies , i think that would be the best way for me . Main ingredients would include kale , spinach, banana and fresh mint leaves. Watch the video and see it for yourself.