Friday, October 06, 2006


BRIT - oh.. not as in Britney spears ha...

Brit as in Briton.. British... hahaha!

Gelo and I would sometimes hear ( now its getting frequent) Joaquin mumble the word "MUM".. im spelling it with the "U" instead of the usual "O" , coz they way he would say it, u would really hear the British accent.. hahaha! OA! cguro jan lang sa word na yan. hmmmm bkit kya?? parang alam nya na i soo love that accent. ZHOSHAL!

ok cge, its time cguro to expose u more with programs such as BBC news hahaha! can't wait to hear more words from you. dont give me a hard time decoding ha. =)

BABY - as in Star Baby Contest of SM. wag ma excite, la pa winners, and kung manalo man si joaqui eh i tetext ko kayo agad! oopps and correction pla, not Luzon winner as stated in my previous post, Metro MAnila winner pla sya if ever! OHA! as in im claiming it na. They said that if u want something, be postive.. claim it and be thankful for it... kaya ako.. ito, claiming na si joaqui mananalo! ( with kakapalan na to ng mukha ha)

hmm gumawa na kayo ako partial "TY LIST".. bka manalo kmi =)

1. of course, God for HIs wonderful gift to us
2. Gelo - para sa mga minana sa knya ni JOaqui like his eyelashes..fingers.. hahaha! un lang yata.. oopppss syempre BOY sya eh di ano pa ba?
3. Our Parents - for providing JOaquin with lots of stuff
4. My ate alma - sa walang sawang pagsama sa mga photo shoot khit na malatin sya kaka patawa kay joaqui
5. Picture Company - for the great pics especially to Ms. Kat
6. our relatives and friends for supporting and encouraging us to join the contest (kapal!)
7. To MYSELF - for being such a great mom,and for the wonderful genes Joaqui inherited from me (hahaha! )

HAY naku... antok lang to. itutulog ko na! i just hope i can write something more interesting next time. =)