Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vitamin supplements

It's summertime and I have to stock up on vitamins for us and for the kids. During summer, there is a high possibility for my kids to have colds because of the extreme heat. I always make it a point to give them their daily dose of Vitamin C aside from their usual Multivitamins. On the other hand, me and my husband also make sure that we have our vitamins to keep us protected from sickness. A friend is telling me to check the hgh supplements that are available over the counter ,but I guess my kids don't need it yet. I can somehow recommend it to my cousin who is in his early teens. I am happy to find some online coupon codes for these vitamins. Small savings matters to me a lot. I can use that money for something else, like diapers.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Does it have side effects?

Last week, I had a great time catching up with some of my friends over coffee. We usually do this once a month since we are all busy with our personal lives. I guess, what matters is that we get the chance to stop for a while, take a break and just talk about anything under the sun. The topics would cover our daily lives, work, parenting, the kids, and a part of our married life of course. Some were even giving jokes on some male medications and it's effects too. There are even talks about side effects of extenze which really set the happy mood. It was a good 3 hours of non stop chatting and I always look forward for our next coffee date. Honestly, I am not aware of extenze so I just listened to all of their stories. Don't you just love spending time with your friends too? You can simply be yourself and without any pretensions share your funny stories.

Science Discovery Center - SM Mall of Asia

Term 3 at my son's school tackles the planet Earth and the Universe, and as part of their Culminating Activity, they went to the Nido Science Discovery Center at SM Mall of Asia. All the kids were excited to see what every gallery has in store for them. True enough, it was such a fun place for the kids (and kids at heart). My son loves the Shadow area where he needs to stand up and act like he is catching a fruit from a tree. His shadow reflected on the wall, and there was a tiger who will try to catch him too. When the tiger makes an approach, he needs to stand still so the tiger won't eat him. It was really fun!

He also loved the Invaders of Mars Film Showing at the Planetarium inside the Center. It was big and has really nice facilities making it enjoyable to watch. We are planning to go back there again this summer with his cousins. .

Projector Screens and it's Accesories

In today's modern education, educators are always looking for a better way on how they can present their lessons with utmost interest to their students. Gone are the days that they will only base everything by reading through the books. Almost all schools now use projector screens to have more visual clarity of the topic. The da lite screens are the ones that is suited for classrooms and boardrooms. These screens can also be used to watch movies, slide presentations and pictures. It can be mounted on walls or ceilings , thus it really saves a lot of space too in any room. Students will surely be focused watching on projector screens. It will give them a better understanding of some things in a more visual way.

Anxiety Drug Treatment Center

Every year , a great number of Americans are affected by a certain anxiety disorder. Most of these cases are effects of drug addiction . It causes the patient to be fearful and uncertain with regards to many things in life. This is one reason why there are anxiety drug treatment centers all over the country that provides psychological treatment and proper medications. It is quite a long process and treatment but in the long run, with the help of the patient's family and their support, everything becomes easy. Medication on the other hand provides not only cure but also it keeps the patient under control during a situation. If you know someone who has this kind of anxiety, make sure the family gets some help from trusted treatment centers .

Bieber Fan

That's my little boy posing with a big concert poster of Justin Bieber. He really like JB and his songs that's why his dad bought him a CD last year. Bieber will have a concert here in Manila on May 10 ( my birthday) at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds. However, for security reasons, kids of his age are not allowed yet to watch. I will just look for some alternatives where we can possibly have a sight of Bieber. I am thinking which hotel would he probably stay, and I am using some of my contacts hoping I can get some information. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zero Turn Mowers

My dad had some problems with the mower he is using now so he asked me to get a high quality mower that he can use without giving him a headache. So I searched online about zero turn mowers for sale , and found some trusted brands on sale. I need something really durable since my dad regularly uses it especially during the weekends. The garden and lawn area has been my dad's favorite place when he is not busy doing anything at home. The mower will certainly be my advanced birthday gift for his Birthday on May. I am just looking at all the brands available and I will certainly compare the price and performance as stated by the current owners.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Looking for cheap auto insurance

By June, I will be doing a lot of driving, everyday driving because I will bring my son to school. I am looking forward to that moment because it's one bonding moment for us. But before that time comes, I have to get a cheap auto insurance for our car. Our insurance expires every June of the year which is timely when school starts. My husband said it will cost a little cheaper this year as compared to the previous years because of the depreciation in value. I am already getting some quotations online and I will just compare which one is the best for our needs and for our budget as well. We make it a point to have insurance every year, it is the best and safe way when you have a car.

So true.

I wish I can say this to my kids.

I just love the site, .. Those post -it like notes are very inspiring. Be sure to visit their site regularly for new thoughts:)

Personalized Gifts for Everyone

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