Saturday, March 26, 2011

Science Discovery Center - SM Mall of Asia

Term 3 at my son's school tackles the planet Earth and the Universe, and as part of their Culminating Activity, they went to the Nido Science Discovery Center at SM Mall of Asia. All the kids were excited to see what every gallery has in store for them. True enough, it was such a fun place for the kids (and kids at heart). My son loves the Shadow area where he needs to stand up and act like he is catching a fruit from a tree. His shadow reflected on the wall, and there was a tiger who will try to catch him too. When the tiger makes an approach, he needs to stand still so the tiger won't eat him. It was really fun!

He also loved the Invaders of Mars Film Showing at the Planetarium inside the Center. It was big and has really nice facilities making it enjoyable to watch. We are planning to go back there again this summer with his cousins. .

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