Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blackhead removal

Don't you hate it when you see those blackheads at your nose area? It bothers me a lot , that's why I am using a pore strip at my nose to remove it. Though not everything can be pulled out from my skin, some would still remain and would oftentimes require some facial cleaning at the dermatological clinic. The blackhead removal process is not complicated at all. A lot of products are available over the counter, but if you want a thorough one, you can always go to your dermatologist.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a clear skin, free from blackheads

- Keeping the skin as clean as possible, washing away excess oil build up and dead skin particles is the best start.

- Choose a mild and gentle cleansing lotion to avoid drying out the skin.

- Try to use a gentle exfoliater to shift the old skin cells away.

Ben 10 !

He arrived at their school's halloween party as Ben 10! This is his ultimate request since their theme for this year is Superhero! I am pretty not sure if Ben 10 is a superhero. Anyway, this is a custom made costume since I cannot find anything at the mall. Notice that my boy is slim now? He had a hard time gaining weight after he was hospitalized last month so he was given some weight gain supplement that he needs to drink every night. So far , so good ! I can see that his appetite improved a lot! He's eating well and he sleeps on time too. I am hoping he will gain weight in the days to come.

Weight Loss Pills that works!

Not for me though, but for my cousin who is really doing everything to trim down her weight before Christmas. She wants to get the quick weight loss pills that we saw at the market, but I told her to consult with her doctor first because she is prone to allergies. Who knows, she might be allergic to one component of the medicine, right? She will also workout thrice a week to tone down her muscles. I went with her last week when she enrolled at the fitness center at the downtown. I guess it is really diet and exercise that will help you trim down, a safe weight loss pill can be a big help too!

abt electronics coupons

Don't you just love using coupons when you are shopping for anything? I am a coupon hunter myself and I always want to make sure i get discounts whenever I make purchases. I need some abt electronics coupons for my husband last week , and I am happy that I don't need to go on research for a long time since I found one easily over the internet. He is buying himself a new electronic gadget and getting a discount is one way of making me say yes of that purchase. Be sure to use and research for coupons wehn you are buying in stores and even online! You are on your way to big big savings!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghost videos in time for halloween

Halloween is very near, are you all ready with your costumes? I got busy last week looking for a Super hero costume for my little boy.It ended up having one custom made for him. I really exert effort when it comes to Halloween because it reminds me of my childhood. My mom would always make sure we are in costume during trick or treat. Then at night, me and my cousins would watch some Ghost videos on Television. We just love to scare ourselves sometimes and laugh about it the next day.

Nowadays, there's a lot of Ghost videos at the internet. You don't have to rent for a dvd anymore. You can watch it anytime at youtube. I tried watching one time, and it turned out that it was just a fake one. But still, my friends told me that some videos out there are really quite spooky. I don't want to dare on checking out some videos especially when I am alone in our room. At my age, I still freak out easily and I can't go around the house at night after watching a scary movie . Some scenes would still flash in my mind and it would remind me of some images too. Yes, I easily get scared so I seldom watch videos anymore, its just my husband who watches here in our house. I just enjoy halloween by getting costumes for my kids , but let's see, maybe I can watch one video that's not too spooky!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dinner with Kathy and Family

A few weeks ago, me and Kathy took a break from our busy daily schedule and met at the Mall of Asia for some fun time with the kids. It happened that she also has some loots from me (and I have something to get from her too) so the timing was just perfect. We had yummy dinner at Abe and had some ice cream with the kids after. It was one fun night !

I felt so full that night, I though I would be needing a burn belly fat pills. I've been eating a lot lately, and usually every weekend we go on buffet with friends. I wouldn't be surprised at all if I will have a bigger tummy by next month.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chef coat for me

I can't believe I was invited at my son's school to be a part of their activity in the next two weeks. They asked me to think of an easy recipe to prepare and cook with the kids. I feel excited because I enjoy being with the kids in school, simply adorable. However, I am not prepared for now. I have been searching for an easy recipe,like a sandwich, or maybe a pizza bread.

I would need a chef coat for myself. Good thing I got one on sale yesterday at the mall. I thought of handing some chef coats too for the kids who will assist me one batch at a time. It is important to have an apron or coat when cooking for safety reasons. I want them to enjoy cooking and feel like little chefs. I am getting some chef pants too. This will surely be a fun activity for all of us. Im pretty sure they will learn something from it, and I will learn something from them too. My son wants me to prepare cupcakes, but it is too meticulous to the with small kids , so I will just choose between sandwiches and pizza breads.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Better bathrooms for all

I can't believe that my mother in law's bathroom in their recently renovated home needs repairs already. My husband was not satisfied at all with the workers they had before and he was so right with his thoughts when the bathroom was finished. He knew that the materials used are not of good quality at all. Now he just wants some improvements to be done very soon. He checked out for some great ideas and even great products at a cheaper price.

He will not be putting up a Bathroom suite, but he just wants one that is of zen type I guess. This time he is handling everything already , from materials to laborers. He had some designs in mind and he will talk to the architect if that would match the current one they have. I have high hopes that my husband can pull up everything. If only he was given the chance to take part with the planning and construction last year, then maybe there won't be much problems like what they now. I really think the materials used in the house are of not so great quality, its wearing off already.