Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghost videos in time for halloween

Halloween is very near, are you all ready with your costumes? I got busy last week looking for a Super hero costume for my little boy.It ended up having one custom made for him. I really exert effort when it comes to Halloween because it reminds me of my childhood. My mom would always make sure we are in costume during trick or treat. Then at night, me and my cousins would watch some Ghost videos on Television. We just love to scare ourselves sometimes and laugh about it the next day.

Nowadays, there's a lot of Ghost videos at the internet. You don't have to rent for a dvd anymore. You can watch it anytime at youtube. I tried watching one time, and it turned out that it was just a fake one. But still, my friends told me that some videos out there are really quite spooky. I don't want to dare on checking out some videos especially when I am alone in our room. At my age, I still freak out easily and I can't go around the house at night after watching a scary movie . Some scenes would still flash in my mind and it would remind me of some images too. Yes, I easily get scared so I seldom watch videos anymore, its just my husband who watches here in our house. I just enjoy halloween by getting costumes for my kids , but let's see, maybe I can watch one video that's not too spooky!

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