Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My sweet baby!

My sweet little girl is getting slimmer, what do you think? I cut down her milk intake because she is so much into solids now. She became so active too, so I guess that contributed a lot for her figure now. Im afraid that she will get bigger in time, if that's the case , then I need to check now the treadmills at the mall. hahaha.My friends even told me that she grew taller now , and that she is really big for her age. Would you believe that she is just 1 year and 5 months old in this picture? Time surely flies fast.. sometimes I look at my kids and ask myself, where is my little baby? But no, I am not planning on having another baby really soon . I am so happy and contented with my two kids, I want to enjoy my everyday life with them.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Manic Monday #205

How do you feel about couples that share an email address?
- well, it's their choice, but i don't feel comfortable with that so I don't share with my husband.

How open about your life are you in the various online arenas?
- a little open to my dear friends, but to some, they only see 10% of me

On average, how many hours a week do you spend online? Do you think it's too much?
- around 28 hours a week. I dont think it's too much because this is where i work

Fish feeding at Nuvali

Last Saturday, my small family and my cousins went to Sta.Rosa Laguna for some weekend break. We stayed at the house of my aunt where we feasted with really yummy food. Around 4pm, we decided to check out Nuvali, a commercial complex in the area that has some really good restaurants, fish feeding area and taxi boat too. It's a perfect place for families who wants to spend time together with the kids then later on end the night with great food.

Joaqui had an injury that day, but still he had a grand time feeding the fishes. Fish food can be bought for Php 15 .00 per pack. I bought 10 packs for the kids, can you imagine that? LOL. While they enjoyed feeding the fishes, I just read a magazine about
insurance advertising . It was a perfect time to read, natural light from the sun and the wind is enough to make me feel so refreshed. It's a lot different than the weather in Manila.

I will soon be uploading our pictures, my computer is acting up again.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Anti Wrinkle Creams again

There's really a lot of anti wrinkle creams in the market today. My mom was clueless which one to pick because all are giving promises of giving the users a youthful skin after weeks of using it. Well. I guess ot would still depend on your skin , right? My mom tried a few brands last year, and so far she is satisfied with only one. But she is trying to check if some other brands would perform better. So last time she went to the mall, she spent 2 hours at the beauty counter. She ended up not getting an anti wrinkle cream but getting some lotions and lipsticks .

I think it is a part of a woman's life already. I consider the beauty counter as my comfort zone at the mall, I can spend hours of nonsense there too.

Cute lil girl

I need something to liven up my mood. It's been a long day for me and here I am working still and clearing up my backlogs! I was running through some vacation pictures, but I came across this cute picture of my girl ..

She is such a darling. It maybe a little tiring to take care of her all day, but at night, when she's in bed, I can't help but smile as I see her grow.

Busy Monday

How was your weekend everyone?

Mine was not that good because the husband got sick with fever and mouth sores. He didn't went to work this morning because he still has fever this morning and I want him have some time to rest. I managed to finish a lot of things today like grocery and bank errands. I was supposed to look for somejobs online, but I slept after I am done with grocery.Maybe I can re schedule it tonight. Sustaining two kids is not that easy so I am really looking for some extra income.

Back to the husband, he is planning to report to work tomorrow, I am not sure though if he is fit already because the company doctor needs to clear him first before allowing him to enter the production premises.

Busy, tiring Monday for me. It's just the start of the week, and I can't wait for the weekend.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Web hosting choice

Owning and maintaining a website is not an easy task. I was introduced in the world of blogging a few years back when I wanted to document my everyday life as a mother and as a wife. I enjoyed it that i decided to get my own site. At first, i was really clueless on how everything goes, but I am thankful to friends who helped me in a lot of ways, and I am thankful too for the websites that i came across during my research for a web host.

It was hard to land on my web hosting choice . I considered a lot of aspects before finally deciding which one to get. I made a shortlist to keep things easier for me. Choosing a web hosting plan was one of the first few steps before finally putting up my own site. Price is a big factor for me. Since it's a personal site, I don't want to spend a big amount of money for the hosting. Then I checked on the Setup services and domain fee which should be minimal too, if not free. Then there comes the Disk Space, data transfer and over all rating from other clients. It was such a big help to have a list.I was able to trim down my choices and finally decided which one to get. Up until now, I have no regrets with my decision as I seldom encounter problems at my sites. I can highly recommend it to new users too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - What's your order?

Goodbye Acne

A lot of teenagers I know are suffering from acne. I feel sorry for them because this is the stage when they get conscious with their looks, and yet, acne appears at their face. Most of them would try out some commercial brands thinking it will give them a clear skin, but seriously there's a lot of home acne remedies that are really worth trying because it is very effective.Home made remedies are mostly natural products so you are sure that your skin is safe from harmful chemicals. The next time I will have a breakout, I will definitely try one of those remedies here at home. It is safe and econimical as most items can be easily found at home, right at your pantry.

His choice

He has a great choice when it comes to ice cream. Whenever we are at Robinson's Mall, he drags us to this ice cream haven..

The dad can't say No because it's his favorite too. We spent an hour enjoying our ice cream. I managed to even read about some best colon cleanse procedures that I found really interesting at the magazine. Good food and quality time with my family really makes my weekend so complete. I always look forward to this simple moment made special. I know that all moms out there share with my feelings. Today is almost Thursday, and I seriously can't wait for the weekend again. Ice cream is truly the best this summer.

Slimmer me

This picture may not show off my whole figure, but I can really tell now that I shed off some pounds over the months. It is a product of hard labor actually.

Now I can share my weight loss success stories . Here are some of what I did for the past weeks. I eat what I want, but in moderation. I just cut back a little on junk food because it doesn't do me any good at all but to munch and munch. Then I kept myself busy taking care of the kids, that alone is a form of exercise, right? And every other day, I do my cardio exercise too. I told you, it is really hard work. But once you see the results, you will have this very rewarding feeling. Hopefully I can maintain my routine so I can stick with this figure.

Hello Baby

Being a mom, I know how it feels like to have a new addition in the family. You are filled with so much joy and anticipation , and the moment the baby arrives, you are filled with overflowing joy and happiness. I remember having birth announcements the last time I gave birth to my youngest. Now, I am helping out my dear friend for her son. We already have a layout in mind and we are just waiting for the time that she will deliver the baby so we can have some really nice photos to attach to the card. Oh how I feel excited because I know how my friend waited for this great blessing. As a matter of fact, I arranged a simple baby shower for her and for the baby, its just for our circle of friends and its like a small get- together for us too. what can you say about this layout that we found online?

On a sad note..

my little boy is sick since Friday :( It started with a fever for reasons I do not know. I thought he will soon have colds, but no colds even on Saturday. So we went to the pedia and found out that I gave him under dose medicine. Instead of 7ml, I gave him 5 ml only. So We started again with the right dosage and after 24 hours, he has no fever anymore. However, he told me that his mouth is ouchie. There I saw some mouth sores and placed our medicine for mouth sores. But today, Monday, he had a slight fever so we went back to the pedia. There are more visible sores near the throat so he was prescribed with an antibiotic . I hope that he will soon recover becasue we are set to travel after his 4th birthday.

Now all I do is pray. It works all the time.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lazy saturday

Last Saturday , I started my day with some research on credit repair services .The kids were still sleeping so I decided to make the most out of my time. My cousin needs some help with credit repair so I gave him the website where he can read furthermore. Then by afternoon, I cooked our lunch and we enjoyed grilled chops and fried rice. It was too hot that the kids wanted to go swimming in their inflatable , solo-sized swimming pool. I let them enjoy the water to feel fresh. They both had a grand time with the water. Good thing that our area is covered so they are not directly exposed to the son. While they were swimming, I still had some time to finish some chores around the house. take a look at my kiddos enjoying a hot, lazy saturday afternoon

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Job Hunting

My sister who is now here in Manila is on job hunting mode. Well, she tried. She applied online for some companies but she decided not to pursue for reasons I do not know. But this afternoon she told me she did some sales job search over the internet.I am not sure if she is serious with working here or she will just plan to go back to CA after finishing some important matter here. Well, whatever her decision will be, I support her 100 percent. She is young and I want her to enjoy life to the fullest. If she wanted to try out some sales job, then that would be great, or if she would like to stay here at home for summer, then I would love that more. We missed her for 5 years so I want to spend more time with her.

My boy who will soon turn 4

Oh how I miss those times that he was still a baby. He was a bit fragile because he is sickly, so you can imagine me being a pranoid mom every now and then.. and I guess that's really the case with first born kids. I was too innocent then that I always ask my friends, relatives and my mom on what to do whenever something happens. But look at him now.. he is getting more independent each day, and yeah, he's growing up to be one good looking guy :)

Next month , he will turn 4 and by June he will officially be a pre schooler. Where did all the years go?