Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On a sad note..

my little boy is sick since Friday :( It started with a fever for reasons I do not know. I thought he will soon have colds, but no colds even on Saturday. So we went to the pedia and found out that I gave him under dose medicine. Instead of 7ml, I gave him 5 ml only. So We started again with the right dosage and after 24 hours, he has no fever anymore. However, he told me that his mouth is ouchie. There I saw some mouth sores and placed our medicine for mouth sores. But today, Monday, he had a slight fever so we went back to the pedia. There are more visible sores near the throat so he was prescribed with an antibiotic . I hope that he will soon recover becasue we are set to travel after his 4th birthday.

Now all I do is pray. It works all the time.

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