Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fish feeding at Nuvali

Last Saturday, my small family and my cousins went to Sta.Rosa Laguna for some weekend break. We stayed at the house of my aunt where we feasted with really yummy food. Around 4pm, we decided to check out Nuvali, a commercial complex in the area that has some really good restaurants, fish feeding area and taxi boat too. It's a perfect place for families who wants to spend time together with the kids then later on end the night with great food.

Joaqui had an injury that day, but still he had a grand time feeding the fishes. Fish food can be bought for Php 15 .00 per pack. I bought 10 packs for the kids, can you imagine that? LOL. While they enjoyed feeding the fishes, I just read a magazine about
insurance advertising . It was a perfect time to read, natural light from the sun and the wind is enough to make me feel so refreshed. It's a lot different than the weather in Manila.

I will soon be uploading our pictures, my computer is acting up again.

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Solenad said...


Thanks for this great post on NUVALI. We're glad you and your kids had a great time feeding the fish. You may want to visit us again during our Solenad Summer Festival on May 12-30. It will be a fun-filled celebration of summer, with activities the whole family can enjoy.
Hope to see you there!