Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chef coat for me

I can't believe I was invited at my son's school to be a part of their activity in the next two weeks. They asked me to think of an easy recipe to prepare and cook with the kids. I feel excited because I enjoy being with the kids in school, simply adorable. However, I am not prepared for now. I have been searching for an easy recipe,like a sandwich, or maybe a pizza bread.

I would need a chef coat for myself. Good thing I got one on sale yesterday at the mall. I thought of handing some chef coats too for the kids who will assist me one batch at a time. It is important to have an apron or coat when cooking for safety reasons. I want them to enjoy cooking and feel like little chefs. I am getting some chef pants too. This will surely be a fun activity for all of us. Im pretty sure they will learn something from it, and I will learn something from them too. My son wants me to prepare cupcakes, but it is too meticulous to the with small kids , so I will just choose between sandwiches and pizza breads.

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