Friday, October 08, 2010

Better bathrooms for all

I can't believe that my mother in law's bathroom in their recently renovated home needs repairs already. My husband was not satisfied at all with the workers they had before and he was so right with his thoughts when the bathroom was finished. He knew that the materials used are not of good quality at all. Now he just wants some improvements to be done very soon. He checked out for some great ideas and even great products at a cheaper price.

He will not be putting up a Bathroom suite, but he just wants one that is of zen type I guess. This time he is handling everything already , from materials to laborers. He had some designs in mind and he will talk to the architect if that would match the current one they have. I have high hopes that my husband can pull up everything. If only he was given the chance to take part with the planning and construction last year, then maybe there won't be much problems like what they now. I really think the materials used in the house are of not so great quality, its wearing off already.

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