Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Financial Importance of Pet Insurance

With health insurance plans changing so much these days, it is becoming more and more difficult to decipher just which option is best for your family. Our current administration has laid out so many different guidelines for health insurance companies and consumers, that it is almost like no two families have similar plans. If you have children, things can get even murkier – and if you have pets, the health insurance maze is even more tangled. Fortunately, there are helpful companies out there in the market that can help families with everything from prescription plans for themselves and they children – and even guide families through the confusion of pet insurance. Yes, pet insurance does exist, although most pet owners are unaware of the many benefits of insuring your beloved dog or cat.

Certainly, pet insurance seems like a luxury, especially in our current economy where unemployment rates continue to climb and jobless claims hover around nine percent. And if you are a diligent and attentive pet owner and think you manage to keep an eye on your pet at all times, you may think pet insurance is completely wasteful. But even though you think your pet is completely healthy and safe, like our human family members, accidents happen. You may even feel like when you write a check for small monthly premium cost of pet insurance, that you’re throwing money away – but more and more experts agree it’s actually a smart financial investments for pet owners.

If you have owned a pet for a while, you may have already incurred the devastating costs of Fluffy devouring an entire plate of brownies off the kitchen counter when no one was looking. Or what about when Fido accidentally swallowed his favorite tennis ball in the yard? The costs of preventative and repair surgeries for pets can become astronomical – and should tragedy ever strike your favorite furry friend, a relatively inexpensive pet insurance policy will save your pet – and your savings account.

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