Sunday, January 31, 2010

After a long time..

.. I received two baby shower invitations . One is from my online friend and the other is from my friend since college. I haven't been to a baby shower for a long time. Well, we were supposed to have one last year, but we canceled it after the big typhoon that hit our place. now, i am excited to buy gifts from the registries. Both are girls so I am thinking which stuff to buy. As a mom, I have an idea which are really essential, like a grooming kit with thermometer, hairbrush, nail clipper , medicine dropper etc. This is one thing that I love giving to newborns, its a complete set and one can even carry it at their bag - very functional. Blankets are also good to have , it has a lot of uses actually. Next week, I will buy gifts at the mall and I cant wait to see my friends who will soon be giving birth.

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