Sunday, January 31, 2010

He loves cars!

This picture clearly tells a story, and i find it really nice to see my kids this way. Joaqui driving the car, while the little girl Dominique seems to be saying something to his Kuya. Yet, the Kuya looks serious and in a "do not disturb me while driving" mode. Cuties! JOaqui is really into cars and driving that last Christmas, his dad gave him a motor bike with the Disney cars print. He was filled with so much joy when we bought it. I wonder at what age will he drive our car ? I surely can't wait for the time that he will be the one driving for our whole family. Of course, he needs to be at the legal age. And when will he ask for his own car.. hmmm just don't ask for A ferrari because we dont have a budget for that , not even on Ferrari parts . I heard its reaaally expensive. Maybe he can have something in red, so it will look like the red Ferrari somehow.

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