Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Laptop replacement

My laptop has been my constant companion. It is a pathway for me with almost anything. This was a gift from my husband, an unexpected gift actually because there was no occasion at all when he handed it to me. Im one lucky girl, right?! But now that my boy is growing, I wanted to give this to him, then buy myself a new one. This is still in its best form and it has a sentimental value so I am definitely keeping it for my boy. Now I am on a hunt for a new laptop.

This is where hte hard part is, I cant seem to make up my mind with what to get. I am leaning towards Dell Laptops , as most of my friends are users and they only have nice words about it. But then I tried the HP netbook of my mom , something compact but very functional. Now I am torn. I need to read nore reviews of previous clients then I am off to comparing the prices too. I have a somehow limited budget, but still I want to get my money's worth. I will soon update you with what I will have.

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