Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips on How To Handle Your Child’s First Day At Childcare

Sending your child to daycare is a big moment for you and your little one. It can be exciting and scary at the same time. A parent will always worry how his child will do when he is out of sight and that is why parents take great care and time deciding which Childcare center to send their kid off to.

And now that you have decided, you must prepare yourself and your child on how to go on about this change.

• Start gently preparing your child in advance mentioning what a great adventure crèche will be with lots of friends and games. Creches called childcare centers in Ireland.

• Be sure and visit the crèche with your child a couple of times before starting so he can see the environment and experience it with you at his side first.

• Make sure you have everything packed and labeled properly for his day at the childcare – this includes a change of clothes, his snacks (note foods he is allergic to) and comfort toys.

• Make sure you have lots of time to get ready the morning of the 'big day' with a good breakfast.

• Most childcare centers offer a transition week. You will be allowed for a few hours in the room, lessening it as the week progresses. When the time comes for you to say goodbye, and your kid cries – DO NOT look back. Once you are out of sight the child will stop crying shortly and will be distracted by play and activities. Being firm and consist is the key.

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