Friday, September 03, 2010

Office supply store for your needs

I was at my cousin in law's dermatology clinic the other day to help her with the finishing touches and some things that needs to be bought. Everything is set from the machineries to all the materials and we just need a few table decors at the receiving area. However, she still needs some office supply . She totally forgot about this because she was focused with all the medical needs. When I checked out the office desk, i found nothing so I told her we better get the office supplies. She will be needing those for jotting down schedules, clients, records , accounting, etc. We planned on going to the office supply store that afternoon but it rained so hard and the road was so traffic. We had to scratch off that trip and just headed home. I suggested she check online for some supplies store. There's a lot of online stores out there that sells discounted supplies just like at the mall. I just gave her a list of what to buy like office paper , pens, staplers, folders, envelopes etc. She just needs the basics for now and hopefully she can find out what she needs later on. I asked her to check for some coupon codes online for possible free shipping or extra discounts.

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