Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Romantic Getaway to New Jersey

Gelo and I have been thinking of taking a vacation to the US. He wants to go to New Jersey so we can visit his Aunt Mimi. But I’m thinking, New Jersey? What the heck is there to see in New Jersey anyway?

Well, after doing some research online, it turns out there's quite a bit to do in New Jersey -- romantic things -- which is kind of what Gelo and I had in mind. There are plenty of Jersey City apartments for rent, but the leases are too long, and unless I wanted to hire someone to come in and do all the cooking and cleaning, I would be doing a lot of work. I decided that I want a bit of pampering while I’m on vacation. I deserve it, right? So I voted for staying in one of the romantic bed and breakfast places in the area and Gelo agrees! He wants to stay somewhere within driving distance of his aunt, so I think we’ll stay in Lambertville. That would be a thirty-minute drive to his aunt’s house and since there are something like 20 antique shops there, it means I’ll have lots of fun looking for some more old hats to add to my collection.

Since my husband and I are looking for a chance to re-connect away from the kids, we plan to take advantage of some of the really nice and romantic things you can do in New Jersey. For example, we may take a ride in a horse drawn carriage -- I’ve never even been up close to a horse. There are also several wine-tasting shops in the area. Gelo loves wine and he likes the sound of one called "Grape Expectations," where you can blend your own wine and design and print your own label. How romantic is that? We can save a bottle as a memento of our trip!

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