Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get a Kids Backpack That is Useful Year-Round

Whether for school or personal time during the summer, it’s important to get your children a kids backpack in the right pattern or design so that the kids are happy to use it. Backpacks are useful all throughout the school year to transport books, lunches, school supplies, and gym clothes along with other accessories that kids sometimes want to add to the mix. For junior, it might be a baseball hat, and for the little woman it might be a favorite stuffed animal that she’s partial to and would rather have at her side all day than leave at home while she heads to the classroom.

Backpacks are so multi-functional, though, that they also engender a sense of responsibility in your kids. Whether it’s heading out for a day of schoo or a day at the beach during summer, it’s easy to bring along fun stuff if your child has a dedicated bag. Fortunately, backpacks come with so many designs, patterns, superheroes, sports team logos, brand interests, hobbies and pictures of favorite pastimes that any child will find a backpack to suit his or her personality in no time.

Aside from letting the kids pick their favorite patterns and designs, the parent should also look for practical things built into the pack. Does it have large, easy to move zippers? Are there adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate the growth spurts your kid will go though over the next year or two? How about a separate compartment for pencils, pencil sharpeners, and other small, easily misplaced items? A separate compartment inside for books and clothes is also handy, to help with keeping the study materials separate from the dirty gym clothes. So, while the kids look at only the cool pictures, make sure you’ve got a practical bag for each of your little ones. That will help ensure that it gets used year round!

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