Monday, September 06, 2010

Looking for party supplies?

It’s just 6 weeks away from my little girl’s second birthday, and here I am , busy as bee with all the preparations. Well, this is definitely a smaller party as compared to her first birthday, but still I want to make everything special to her. I booked the venue last month , and booked a host / magician too. Now I am going through the details like the invitation, give aways, activities, cake and prizes. It seems like the list is never ending, but I know I can carry out everything because I’ve been planning kiddie parties for 4 years already. I enjoy planning parties and going to malls and bazaars to get party supplies. But lately, my schedule has been so tight that I don’t have much time to hit the mall. Big thanks to online shopping, I got some of my party supplies online at a discounted price. Now I don’t have to worry with my time and going to the mall. I will just wait for my orders to arrive anytime this week. This is one reason why I love online shopping, it saves me a lot of time and money too, plus I even get some discount coupons for my next shopping spree.

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