Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Web hosting

I am already running quite a number of sites and some have their own domain and hosting. So far, Im not having any problems with its connection so I am renewing its hosting services. But i am also open to other hosting companies out there who I think wont fail me when it comes to website standards. Actually I am thinking of putting up a site that is all about online shopping, and I already looked for my web hosting choice online. Of course, pricing would be a very big factor of which one im going to use. Disk Space, Data transfer , reviews and technical help will also be put to consideration. And if you will think that this is impossible, well , think again. There's a lot of web hosting sites to choose from that offers great services at super affordable prices. I just need to read all the reviews before I make my decision. This may take a while though, my current schedule is a bit hectic so putting up another site would have to take a back seat. At least now , I have a shortlist of those hosting sites already, so once i have time, everything will be a breeze.

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