Saturday, June 13, 2009

This time it's for the dad.

Next weekend, we have two major celebrations so we are going out with the kids. Its our fourth wedding anniversary on the 19th then its Father's Day on the 21st. I haven't bought a gift yet since i am undecided on what to give. My husband is eying this really nice jacket from his favorite brand, but i can't afford it for now so i might get a cheaper alternative online. I saw a perfume, aftershave and body wash set with a free duffle bag that is really perfect for travelling. This is already on my list if i can't find anything before wednesday. Don't you find it hard to give men gifts? If its for women, they will always appreciate shoes, bags, make ups , shower gels, accessories.. and the list goes on .. and even if they have it already, they dont mind having an extra for future use ( get my point?) .

So anyway, aside from my husband, i also need to get a gift for my dad. I already checked with , and i saw that most stores offers gift sets just in time for Father's day. Oh well, you notied i visit stylehive frequently lately? Well, its because it's so easy to look around there. You can searh for keywords, tags and voila, you'll see a lot of special offers. Here's what i am thinking for the dad, hope he likes it.

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