Monday, July 23, 2007


All you need to know about me:

Fullname: Maria Paz Manalangsang - Abellon
Birthdate: May 10, 1979
Birthplace: Manila
Current Location: Manila pa din :)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

On the inside:

Heritage: Filipino
Shoes I wore today: White Beaded Roxy flops
Three Things I do everyday: take care of my joaquin, go online, watch barney
My Fears: Death, Broken Family, illness
My perfect pizza: no veggies please

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow:

My most overused phrase on YM: "wait lang"
My thoughts first waking up: "where is joaqui?"
My best physical feature: smile and my dimple..naks!
My bedtime: either 12 am, or 1 am
My most missed memory: shopping for myself ;)

My Pick:

Pepsi or Coke: COKE light
McDO or Burger King: McDO
Single or Group Dates: Group
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino

Do I?

Smoke? nope.. asthmatic eh
Take Showers? Yes.
Have Crush(es)? Yes. uyyyyyy
Think I've been in love? Yes.
Liked highschool? Not really.
Want to get married? Yes, I am married. Happily married.
Get emotion sickness? hhhmmmm, not really
Get along with my parents? Yes.
Like thunderstorms? No.
Play an instrument? just a bit. i had piano lessons when i was 5, but i stopped practicing.

In the past month:

Drank Alcohol: No.
Gone on Gimik: with my family, yes. with friends, no.
Gone to the Mall: Yes. My fave place! hehehe
Been on stage: During high school plays
Eaten Sushi: No.
Had a Tan: yes.. love it.. tapos pag uwi ko nagsisi ako bakit ganun kulay ko.
Dyed your hair: yes.. green highlites nung college

Getting Older:

Age I hope to get married? - I got married at the age of 26 :)
Children? - just my Joaquin for now
Describe my dream wedding? - the one we had at Fernwoods ...
What do you want to be when you grow up? i would still choose to be a stay at home mom.
What place would I most likely to visit: we are going to panglao island, bohol this sept with gelo's family. my cousin & sis naman plans for next year.. KL maybe:)

have a break.. post this at you blog:)


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

uy, panglao! Ganda dun. We've been there for our honeymoon. I'll try to make a post on that.

Take care Peachy!

Peachy said...

hello nice. where exactly at panglao kayo? baka sa PINR kami ;) may pics ka ba?