Thursday, July 26, 2007

the much awaited concert

I can't believe that Joey Albert and Louie Ocampo will be having a concert on August 3& 4!!! Waahhh!!! Im watching it! I'll be there!! promise!

yes, I AM a FAN.

Anyone who had videoke sessions with me knows that my playlist wont be complete without a song from her. Oh, i love to sing "A Million Miles Away", Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin, Points of View, I Remember the Boy & Its Over Now".

I called Music Museum a few minutes ago, to check on the prices. Good thing its within my budget. Now, I am looking for someone to go with me ( KKB ha), since this is not Gelo's type of music and he needs to stay with Joaqui while I'm enjoying the concert. Can't Wait!

Thanks to Aggie for sharing me this concert info.


macy said...

i saw an interview they had and kakakilig pa din sila. teehee. ang babaw ko!

Peachy said...

ako nga din kinilig.. i cant wait for the concert ;)

Aggie said...

Enjoy Peachy! I remember singing A Million Miles Away every single time in high school - emote eh!