Tuesday, July 24, 2007

La Rose Nail Spa

Last July 21 (Saturday), was the opening of La Rose Nail Spa. Of course, for love and friendship, Gelo and I went there after Joaqui's make up class at TLG. Super cooperative si Joaqui coz he was asleep.. as in dead tired! Our maid carried him all throughout our spa experience hehehe!

Its our 1st time after we got married, to go to a spa together. I Had a Hand Spa, then Gelo had Foot Spa naman. Yes, nagpapa Foot Spa yan even before. He would usually wear flops, so i always remind him na dapat his feet.. toes and toenails are clean. Besides, he feels relaxed with that. Hand Spa naman for me coz i just had my pedicure few days ago. Sa kagustuhan namin i surprise si Erika.. kami ang na surprise! As we reached the parking lot, hinsi ko makita ang car nila. So I called Erika's celfone,at nasa office pala sya. She has work kasi on a saturday. So it was her sisters Kim and Kisha who assited us ;)

Hand Spa: Php 220

** hand / arm cleaning - the attendant sprayed water or alcohol, im not sure.. hahaha! ka chika ko kasi si kim that time, then they used a cotton ball to clean the area.

** Exfoliation - i chose strawberry scent ( the ylang ylang smells good too, but im a sucker for fruity scents), very relaxing sya ;)

** arm and hand mask - after cleansing the strawberry scrubs with hot towel ( i think, nakalimutan ko na eh ), attendant brushed the mask na. Its cold as it stays in your hand and arm. You'll wait for it to dry up before cleansing. This soften the skin sabi ng attendant. I love the brush, so soft.

** revitalizing lotion with arm and hand massage- still strawberry scent. haayy sarap. I swear, tumunog mga fingers ko ha. its good to have it to relieve hand stress.

Manicure is not included in this package. I forgot to ask Erika how much if i wanted to have my nails done.

Foot Spa - Php 250

I cant give you a brief info on each process, but here's what is writtn at the leaflet:

** foot bubble bath, leg and foot scrub, removal of corns and calluses, lega nd foot mask, deep penetrating lotion, leg and foot massage. Pedicure not included.

I asked Gelo how was it, Ok na ok daw. It relaxed his tired feet. Tapos during the removal of corns and calluses, di daw masakit ;) I will try this next time, promise!

A few pics to share..

You might notice that its bright unlike other spas. Yes its bright out there. And thats what i suggested to Erika, make it dim a little. COz people really find spas as a place to relax. And she said that she is working on it already. And by the way, the lotions, scrubs, nail polish (OPI brand), are all imported pa from USA. Thats the business of their mom din kasi. Its of top quality talaga, oh and the strawberry scent lasted til night yata, before I had my shower ;)

Oh and last sunday, we went there again ;) with my sis, MIL ans SIL ;) They had foot spa and classic manicure.. Suki!

Visit them at the 2nd flr of Madison Square Lifestyle Center, North Greenhills San Juan. They also have a loyalty card for frequent guests. And they accept bookings for bridal showers, and small parties. They dont have a number yet at the spa , just leave me a comment if you wanna get in touch with Erika for other questions.

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