Sunday, July 01, 2007

The pedia visit

I chatted one night with Aggie, asking how Martha was doing, since i read at her blog that the little girl has colds. She said that she suspects it's asthma. She treated Martha with a nebulizer.

It was coincidence that their pediatric -pulmonologist at UST is Joaqui's pedia too. So we had a "date" last Saturday at UST. Ganda ng meeting place namin :) Gelo and I met Aggie, Edil, Matthew and Martha. We were so happy to meet them. Si Joaqui panay ang sunod kay Martha. He even attempted to kiss Martha sa cheek. Uuuyyyyyy... sumisimple agad anak ko ah.

At naku, pag sineswerte nga naman si Gelo, Aggie and Edil owns a Canon Rebel XTI. The DSLR that Gelo is reallly craving for. ( We went to Henry's at Quiapo already but out of stock pa )And since dala nila ang cam for their picture taking at the UST grounds, instant close agad si Gelo kay Edil. At talagang sila pang dalawa ang nag uusapan ha. I thought todo chika kami ni Aggie eh, si Gelo and Edil pala hehehe. So Aggie and I looked after our kiddos with side kwentos na din.

I just dont know if we had a decent shot with Joaqui and Martha, ang gulo kasi nilang dalawa. Then the assitant called us na.

Our meet up was short and sweet, hopefully there will be a next time, but please, not na sa Pedia ha... :)


macy said...

hi,peachy. how much did the pants at viktor cost? i've been wanting to get one for myself pero takot ako to enter the shop kasi baka super mahal mapasubo ako. teehee. thanks!

Peachy said...

hello macy, the pants usually starts at 4K. I think it can go higher pa, depending on the details. Gelo got a nice one at 4K. Same price din pag sa ladies. Hindi nga din ako bumili, kasi for a local brand, its expensive LOL. I'll ask for feedback muna from my hubby if its really worth the price ( hopefully) before i buy for myself. Can we exchange links?