Monday, August 02, 2010

Kitchen Light Fixtures

One of my many passions in life is home decorating. I recall that since I was young, I enjoy going to the Home section of the mall with my mom and going through everyday things around the house. My mom highly influenced me in decorating and she also gave me wonderful ideas that I still use until now. Having my own place now gave me the freedom to do whatever I want in our house. We had some major renovations with the living room three years ago, and this year, my husband and I decided to get new lighting fixtures for the kitchen to give it a new look. We already looked for some kitchen light fixtures at the mall and we are still visiting another home depot this weekend. We want to get value from our money so we are hoping to score great items at a cheaper price. I saw some pendant light fixtures in sale last week and had it reserved already. Do you think it would be nice to add ceiling fans lights in our kitchen area? We are undecided with this one so we told ourselves to look for other options. I am excited to check out the home depot, who knows, I might be able to get some other items for our house.

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