Saturday, July 10, 2010

The dream of having my own book

One of my dreams, as a mother, is to publish my own childrens' book. I want it to be a really simple one with great pictures that the kids will surely love. It would not be really a story book but more of an illustrative picture book with simple words that even beginners can read. Given current technologies, I can have it published in ebook format too, and I would be an ebook publisher for that matter. The world of digital publishing is getting popular now with the birth of all these gadgets that are meant for digital reading. One can use a laptop, cellphone and tools like IPad and Kindle to read the ebooks. I am looking forward to creating my own simple book and I also dream of making myself familiar with eBook creation. I better start looking for sites that would help me out with books and ebooks creation. My husband said that there are websites that have free downloads with the steps to follow in creating your own book. Aside from that I have to research publishing companies too. Having my own book is not easy as it may seem. It will really be eating some of my time here at home, but when you have a dream, you will do anything to achieve it. So don’t be surprised if I will have my own kiddie book soon. I’m a few steps closer in living my dream.

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