Monday, July 19, 2010

Cosmetic surgery procedures

Cosmetic Surgery is something that people are considering to have these days. I respect whatever reason they may have, may it be for personal satisfaction and self- confidence, to correct something that is physically wrong in them, or to feel good about themselves. I just noticed that more and more cosmetic surgery clinics are erupting in the metro , and some with big names even have a clinic in other areas like cosmetic surgery mexico. I asked my cousin who works in one clinic on what is the current hit in all their services. She told me that people go there for different services but the most popular one is the breast lift and augmentation. Studies show that women feel more confident if they have a bigger one and it makes them look good about themselves. There’s a lot of procedures when it comes to breast augmentation and I have been hearing a lot of comments, some are good and some are not that good. I guess it depends with the materials used on you. Another popular procedure is the tummy tuck surgery . Most of the clients for this one are moms. I guess it’s because some of us still have our post pregnancy tummy after many years and it doesn’t flatten out at all. Well, there are also some men who tried a tummy tuck surgery , for the main reason that he really has a big tummy that some clothes are hard to fit him anymore. If you have the money and guts for cosmetic surgery, then why don’t you try it out?

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