Monday, July 19, 2010

Sports Memorabilia for daddy

Sports has been my husband’s favorite past time, as can be seen every night after work. He would either watch some games on the cable channels, or go online to read some news about sports. His favorite is basketball and baseball. Whenever he gets some extra time on weekends, he tries to watch a live game of his favorite team. This passion led him to collect some memorabilia. We all know that collecting means expenses, but not to someone who has this love for things. He started collecting some autographed baseballs from his favorite players of all time. During the start, he just bought two pieces because the prices went down. But after that, whenever we would see some autographed sports memorabilia, he would try to get at least one that can add up to his collection. He has stuff mostly from baseball and basketball. At first he was just placing these items at one of his cabinets, but when we renovated our house, I asked him to have a display cabinet just for these. That way, we can protect his collection too through proper storage. Right now, he would like to get some autographed photos of his favorite players. He will surely check out for great bargains over the internet.

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