Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Polo shirts as uniforms

An employee’s uniform is something that represents her and her company. Whenever I am at the business district, I love looking at the different uniforms of the corporate world. That is one frustration I have because I never get to wear a company uniform. So now, that’s what I do with our small business here at home. Dressing up a group of people and providing their uniform is not an easy task. Every year, I am helping out my parents with the staff uniforms for our small store. It is just a casual wear mostly shirts and polo shirts paired with jeans. I am looking for new suppliers this time and I am glad that I found a website that sells custom polo shirts at a great price and its within our budget. I need to get some polo shirts for men in 4 different colors for the Monday to Thursday schedule. I can have the logo of the store customized for a reasonable amount. Then I will also be getting womens polo shirts , but I can’t decide on the colors yet. I am looking forward to the service and quality of the products and I am hoping that it can live up to my expectations.

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