Thursday, February 18, 2010

me.. Slim??

Oh how i wish !

But I just love this photo of mine taken 3 weeks ago at the mall. Well, it's a round type of pillar at the mall, and while walking , I noticed that I certainly look thin so I gave it a shot. I love how the picture turn out. It looks like I took some adipex diet pills right? Hahaha. I wonder when will I ever get my pre-pregnancy figure at all. Cardio exercise is one of my powerful tools now, then I somehow cut down my rice intake during dinner. Lets see if a miracle will happen in a few weeks. For now, i will make this picture an inspiration for a slimmer me.

1 comment:

Shali said...

Whatever, u look super slim here. And btw, being slim is not all. Being happy is more important ! Ain't I right ?