Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cosmetic packaging

I have always been a fan of cosmetics. Sometimes I buy from the store even if I don't need it. I just get fascinated with the shades of colors so I grab something at the counter. My favorite would be lip gloss and blushes. I always have it in my cosmetic case. Lately, I am playing with eye shadows. I am a neutral girl, I use the shades of brown and beige only, but I discovered the nice shade of gray that perfectly matches my eyes. As I thought that I was okay with these make ups, I learned about Mineral Make ups, thus I got addicted to it too. I alo love lotions and colognes and my supply comes from my mom. I am grateful that there is a great line of Cosmetic Packaging available now. I have some sifters for my mineral make up that i got for a really good price because i got myself a dozen. Then I remember that we are going to an International trip soon, so I need to re pack some of my colognes and lotions to small containers. Thank you for the lotion pumps and sprays that I got. Everything came in very handy. Now I am excited to use it in our upcoming trip.

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FemIdeal said...

I can't go to the grocery store without passing through the cosmetics section... browsing different colors also! I've now got a huge collection, but my clothes are pretty neutral so I don't have much opportunity to experiment.

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