Monday, October 12, 2009

E- Cigarettes , anyone?

Smoking is something that is strictly prohibited in our house. We are a family of asthmatics so it is really a No-no at home. There's a lot of anti- smoking campaigns now in the paper and on national TV. I guess the main reason for this is that they wanted to protect the health of everyone. As what they say, those who don't smoke and just inhale some cigarette smokes are also affected. I have seen the bad effects of smoking with my father in law. With his death, I really concluded that smoking is dangerous to one's health.

But lately, I heard about e cigarettes . It is now said to be the smokers smart choice. Imagine, you can now smoke indoors with that tobacco smoke and smell. If you think that it won't satisfy your tobacco cravings then that is wrong. It is battery operated as from what I have seen at the website. They have e cig refills too , because it is refillable - no tar and ashes. These things that you usually find annoying with the usual cigarette, you can't find it here. Since it is battery operated, the site also sells e cigarette chargers . I think you can also charge at the car. More and more people are choosing this over the tobacco one for the reason that is not a fire hazard too.

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hi i dropped to say hi! yes, i agree with you here.