Saturday, October 31, 2009

Moving soon?

My sister will soon be transferring to another state because her work relocated her to another branch. She actually loves their place now , but she already accepted the fat that she is destined to ry living away from my parents and trying it on her own. After a few days of thinking , it made her excited that she will be seeing a new place and meeting new people. She will transfer by mid November so as early as now , she is starting to pack some of her things that she will need in her new unit. This made her a lit stressed because she has tons of stuff to bring with and she would need a moving company to help her with that. This is the reason why she got in touch with Boston Movers yesterday. She initially thought the service is just for moving her things, but she also found out that the company offers storage services. Humboldt Company is a top choice among her friends since they were previous clients too. She got personal reviews which made her decide to get it. She wont easily trust any company because she value her things so much that she wants the drivers and the moving procedure well done. In no time, she will be on her own in a new place and i seriously wish her luck.

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