Monday, October 12, 2009

UGG time

I have seen it many times with my friends and relatives so I am thinking that this is really a nice boots for winter. UGG is a well - known brand of boots from Australia . Its has proved its quality and durability over the years, no wonder they are the leading shoes not only during winter but the entire year. I have seen really great styles from them and if only we have winter here, my whole family (yes even thes kids) will surely be wearing Ugg. One of my favorite is the classic cardy collection. It looks so comfortable from the outside and I know for sure that it is as good as it is worn. I personally like the classic cardy chocolate boots . Brown goes well with almost all of my clothes . The shade is in the neutral side so I can really wear it with anything. I love that is is low maintenance too as I don't need to clean it all the time. Since it is made of high quality materials, Ugg boots can really stand the test of time.

Then I also saw the classic cardy pink for adults. I wonder if they do have it for kids. That would be perfect for my princess who loves the color pink. These Ugg boots provides great comfort especially during winter time. It is naturally thermostatic , it helps maintain the body temperature in cold and even warm climates. This is also available in classic cardy cream style. The cream is nice too but I guess it is not for my type of lifestyle . I bet that would get dirty as I go around chasing my kids. Here's a picture to share .

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