Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Though me and the kids are sick since Sunday night , still theres a reason for me to be happy today. A balikbayan box from my mom and dad arrived during lunchtime thats why.. :) I dont have much in that box, the kids also had just one toy each.. but you see , i feel happy everytime something from my family arrives hahaha babaw ! And even if i am coughing every now and then, it didnt stop me and my elder sister to open it... I went online and had a webcam conversation with my mom . Her simple joys.. to see her apos smile in delight and happiness as they see whats in store for them. Joaqui even tried out his Rockstar polo shirt the moment i handed it to him. I just told him that I need to wash ot first and he would wear it on my birthday haha!

I got busy keeping things into places , but still there's a lot of organizing to do.. im taking things slowly. i dont want to get sick Bigtime !! :) I will just finish my assignment on Bowtrol then I am off to bed ...

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