Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday Fun

We had our annual Family Outing last Saturday, and boy oh boy, my kids had fun at the pool. Thanks to all the inflatables of their cousins hehehe. Kuya wasnt in the mood at first as he only wanted to stay at the stairs..good thing he picked up during lunch time. My princess loves the water. She did not cry .. she loves playing while there.. Thanks to my cousin for the pictures , my kids has great shots. (i promised il give her a micro sd as a talent fee).

The inflatables that Joaqui used was a bit small for him already, he loves it though so i let him stay there. And the princess? Isn't the last pic enough to prove how adorable she is in that 2 piece with an animal print?!?! Now i want to go on swimming again next week.


Wisher said...

ang cute ni dominique... =)

Mich said...

awwww such a cutie talga ni Dom! i love her two-piece! buti pa sya nakapagswim na!

Jody said...

ang bilbil ni Dom! Magagalit yan paglaki nya kasi you posted her pics! Hahaha!