Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Refrigeration

The food industry is a fast-paced business. Different types of beverages and food are available from all over the world, any time, offering nutrition and refreshment to billions. To keep those people healthy and happy, food needs to be prepared and cooked properly. But, before either of those steps can be taken, food needs to be stored properly.

Foods like eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and many others all need to be kept at cool temperatures to ensure that they don't rot or spoil. Food that becomes rotten or spoiled can cause both inconvenient and serious illnesses, sometimes even death. So, it's very important that all food served in a restaurant be kept in conditions that will ensure it is safe to eat. In a restaurant, huge quantities of these foods are used, so the required refrigeration space must be large enough to hold the food. In other businesses, the amount of food being refrigerated may be smaller. This is the case with bars and most convenience stores. For such places, smaller refrigerators are available that won't take up too much room.

Refrigerators that meet these requirements come in all shapes and sizes. There are vertical and horizontal refrigerators, drop-in, and walk-in, even refrigerated display cases that are meant to meet whatever space limitations a restaurant, store, deli, or bar has.
Commercial refrigeration is a necessary part of any business that offers food and drink to the public.

The cost of these refrigeration products ranges from about $1,200 for a one panel reach-in, to over $9,000 for a full size walk-in. Bar-type refrigeration units fall roughly in the lower to middle section of the price scale. Whatever size you need, there is certain to be a refrigerator that will meet the requirements of your business.

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