Sunday, January 02, 2011

How poker can exercise your mind

My husband has been playing poker even before it became popular online. He would often have poker night every week with his friends or sometimes his cousins. When the game became popular online, he got hooked even more because he can play anytime with anyone when he is just at home. Whenever I would see him play, I seriously try to understand the game because it really seems interesting. He gave me a primer on what the game is all about and the mechanics as well. I realized that this is a game of great strategy and thinking, not to mention the use of mathematical skills.

He told me about the small blinds , big blinds and the raise. This is about the betting involve in the game when you are playing for money. This can really test your simple mathematical skills. He also taught me about the card combinations that can lead you to win the game. Strategy and mind skills are very important here because you have to be very good in determining which possible combination can make you win the game. Your opponents are surely thinking hard to on how they can beat you with their own set of cards. I think this is really addicting , I am actually considering of checking out the poker tables at the mall. This will surely be great during parties or in house dinner with friends and families. I would need to practice more everyday because this is how I will develop my own strategies in playing. Maybe I would try playing online for fun then try playing with my husband when we finally have the poker table.

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