Thursday, October 25, 2007

Really Smart!

Wow! SmartBro is down again in our area.. Ang saya saya.. and it's freakin 24 hours already. I'm using dial up now coz I need to finish some paid opps. I called them since last night, i had 7 calls na yata. And with my last one, i was sooooo irate! The customer support agent told me that this is only "temporary"..of course! Dahil kung permanent to eh di wala na kong account sa smartbro diba? So i asked her "how do you define temporary?".. kawawang agent, sakin pa natapat. I mean , its either temporary or permanent diba? so better yet, dont use the word temporary..

I even asked her to stop saying " i do apologize" ,, and "sorry for the inconvenience".. heard that a thousand times. feeling ko nga kahit ano sabihin ko that's her answer. So I said to her " i know, it's part of your script, it's in your metrics, to say those words for QA, but can you please try to rephrase it? or think of something else, bleeding na tenga ko eh"..

And here's more.. I said to her " My business depends on the internet, do you have any idea how much i'm losing now?" (naksss! negosyante!)... "Mababalik ba ng sorry mo, and ng apologies mo yung nawala sa kin?"....And she replied.." Ma'am, pwede nyo naman po pa rebate yung time na wala kayong connection, i deduct po sa bill nyo".. GRRRRR! Maloloka na yata ako.. So I repeated my question and told her na yes or no lang ang sagot sa question ko. I was so desperate na and i asked for her supervisor..Grabe, i spent 30 mins yata on the phone, and the best part of it all, im carrying joaquin because the little boy is asleep. Partida ko pa yun sa kanila, nagpapatulog ako ! Ok, back to work muna.

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