Thursday, October 25, 2007

Evacuate !

This is so fun.. no internet and no water this weekend. Yes, it was on the news and our barangay chairman announced today that there will be NO water supply in our area from friday night til satuday evening i guess. It's a total of 32 hours with no water at all. We are evacuating to my MIL's place on saturday morning. Water is something I really can't live without. I have to clean bottles, wash the little boy, take a bath, wash hands blah blah..blah.. I already asked our maid to fill all our containers, but that won't be enough if me, gelo and joaquin would stay here. My sister is here, and so as our maid, so its better to be at gelo's place in ermita. My sister is the only person i know na walang pakialam kahit wala ng tubig, deadma lang.. *sigh*.. so im still with dial up til sunday? HELP!

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