Friday, October 19, 2007

* my little star *

QP by Calico's Digital Designs

My first ever layout for the little boy. I chanced upon ths cute QP and I thought of using it for these shots taken last weekend at The Linden Suites. He loves showing us those random cute faces. He even enjoyed playing with the tripod, looks like photography will soon be his hobby too.

Speaking of Linden Suites, I haven't posted some of our pics. I am kinda busy today, because tomorrow will be our house blessing. I bought RED candles this morning at Divi, yes, red.. hehehe. A few ribbons, and outfit for sissy and me. We will be wearing the shades of red and white, since the theme of our house is black , red and white. I wanted to wear a black and white top, pero kumontra si Ate. So i went to tutuban, bought one plain red long top, and one red graphic top. I still need to fix the playroom later. I already cleaned the puzzle mats last night. Later we will go to Dangwa to buy fresh flowers for the altar and for my Mama. It's her birthday too. Tomorrow morning, need to pick up the mini cakes from Joy San Gabriel for our give- aways.

Weee, busy na naman


~Yen~ said...

Cute pics and nice scraps! You can take a look at some of my scraps here;


~Yen~ said...

I meant here pala

Yen's Scraps

Peachy said...

thanks a lot yen. will check ur works :) i need inspiration hehehe

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Ang nice ng gawa mo peachy! :) At cute ng make faces ni Joaqui.


jenni said...

Ang cute talaga ni Joaqui. Na-enhance ng LO mo. Gawa ka pa ng ibang LO. :)