Monday, October 29, 2007

** christmas party wishlist**

Im hoping na hindi pa nakakabili yung giver ko hehehe :) im changing my list ...

1. Canvass tote bag at Tomato Store.. its php 200 each, and if its not too much to ask, can i have 2? para 4oo sakto ;) i want the brown one (print is 2 girls facing each other yata) and the yellow one please:) you'll spot it easily sa store.

2. a paddle brush for my hair , or if its more than 400, any hairbrush will do.

3. coin purse

and for the little boy...

1. any Barney or Blues Clues book .

2. anything barney or blues clues toy, but no stuffed toys or furry materilas pls, he is asthmatic eh ..

thanks! im soo excited to see all of you :)

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Mitch said...

Hi! You're tagged! See "What's Inside Your Wallet?" Thanks!