Monday, October 29, 2007

Shoes galore

Jody's question tag of "How many pairs of shoes do you currently have?" made me excited to count my shoes. Thanks Jody, because of your question I was able to clean some of them , and some are still buried deep down our cabinet, and I have no plans of resurrecting them. I wasn't able to take a pic of my formal shoes, but i think I only have 4 of them plus my wedding shoes pa pala. Yeah, Im kinda Imeldiffic! LOL.. ..Here, take a look at some of my shoes

** these are my rubber shoes and sneakers. Would you believe Gelo and I loves to have the same shoes when we were in college? We have the same red Nike Presto shoes (though his is balck and red), and that Nike in Black and Pink, Black and green naman sa kanya**

** flats that I still use til now. This will be updated very soon. The daddy gave me a yellow shoes that is extremely cutie, plus the 4 flat shoes from my mom hehehe **

** and more casual comfy footwear**
I really cant get enough , I know. My mom too, she bought me a lot recently. I think you should have seen her shoe collection before she migrated, walang sinabi mga sapatos ko. LOL :) Notice, no wedges or stilettos? Oh , and my office shoes are not included too. I had a "choose, grab and run away with my shoes" day early this year. As in pinamigay ko pati office shoes, coz I know, i wont be working na hehehe :) I will try to update this site for some of my shoes . And you might just wonder, cheap lang ang ibang shoes ko, as in! I just love to wear different pairs every single day.. aylavet! That's my therapy.. retail therapy, not to mention closet theraphy, hahaha!

So to answer Jody's question, i have 24 pairs of shoes posted here :) Thanks Jody :)


Sophiagurl said...

wow! a woman after-my-own heart. Haha, I guess we, women, know what we want and know how to collect them hahaha. Blogrolled you! thanks for the visit and the comment.

I do love collecting bags and wallets myself, amongst other things haha.

God bless!

Peachy said...

thanks sophia. i think im into everything a girl wants.. shoes, bags , clothes and accessories :) will link you up too. thanks for the visit

♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said...

imelda! :)

Jen said...

so i'm curious.. do you put your shoes in boxes or just place them in your closet, nice and neatly? your shoes all look new, do you wear them ever? :D

Darlene said...

Wow shoes galore me too i can't just get enough of shoes i am shoes fanatic too.

Peachy said...

kathy, imelda talaga ko :) mag post pa ko iba next time :)

jen, its in boxes, then my mom labeled it per box, but im buying this plastic shoe boxes at SM, its transparent so i dont have to label na hehehe.. yeah i do wer those.. ung iba mejo luma na :)

darlene - sarap feeling pag may new shoes diba? hehehe lets keep on collecting!

LorWyn said...

Waaah! I wonder if there is a person with female hormones who doesn't love shoes! Woman = shoes, bags, accessories, and the list goes and on and on...

Your shoes looks really well taken care of. I, too, had a lot of pairs already and tagged each pair with a small photo. Really OC! Maybe that's a trait of a teacher's daughter. Ha-ha! And actually thinking of those plastic boxes at SM but hesitated at first when I saw the price, Php160-200 per box. Of course, we wouldn't buy just one box, right?!

Will post my pairs, too and linked your post. Cute!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Huwaw! Lots lotsa shoes here. :) You really know how to take good care of your things Peachy.

Ang ganda and ang dami!


Peachy said...

weng, may new shoe box at sm, 50 lang each, im buying some for my branded shoes, kakahinayang pag nasira. hehehe

nice - naku super ingat ako sa shoes and bags ko, even sa clothes, kahit cheapy ang iba jan, they look classy kasi maayos pa din til now hahaha

Jody said...

Thanks for answering the tag...bagay na bagay sa iyo ang question ko! Neat shoes...!