Sunday, October 28, 2007

Joaquin and the Holy Family

Yes, that's the Holy Family , and he isa carrying it around our room the other day. I asked our maid to wipe it clean, and the little boy cried to death when our maid took the image from him. He was crying while saying "Papa Jesus.. Papa Jesus..".. I was laughing out loud! Is this because he doesnt have any toy to hug? (he has asthma so no stuffed toys for him). And look at that first pic, parang kinakausap nya diba? Oh my ! And he is hugging it too while watching Barney. I'm telling you, this image is heavy, so i am following him whenever he carries it around. Would he be a priest soon? Let's see. Would you believe I dreamed of being a nun when I was at Grade four?! Yeah, I always read the bible then, and i got close with my religion teacher who happens to be a nun :) Now, I want another baby boy, baka kasi magpari ang panganay ko.

* pardon the pics, i just used our webcam for that... **


Joy said...

naku ganyan din si sandy, baka magmadre nga eh LOL. mas gusto nyang pasyalan yung shops na nagbebenta ng mga santo :D

Kero said...

Hi Peachy! Thank you for visiting my WS. ang pogi naman ng future priest mo hihi. can't wait to see him as an altar boy. have a great week ahead!

Peachy said...

joy - baka mag madre si sandy hehehe. love din nito ung mga stores like st. paul sa SM :)

kero - yeah, i will let him join our parish soon, yey! may altar boy na ko :) thanks for dropping by