Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shopping. Crazy.

My sister went shopping again. And for the first time, nothing for the little boy, all for me and my sis and Gelo too. Well, let me introduce her to you guys, she's Ricca, our youngest and she lives with my mom and dad at CA. She's 24 years old, a graduate of Accountancy at the College of the Holy Spirit Manila, and is now working at The Bank of Stockton. Anyway, enough of those info and lets talk about her being shopaholic ( kapatid ko talaga, hindi makakaila!)..

The name of her blog says it all. She is little miss shop a lot!.. If I'm sick with shopping, then she is worse, she is dying, hahaha! I can't blame her, she has money, and still single, and she shops for me, for joaquin and for gelo, how could i possibly stop her, right? I love reading her new blog (she's blogging at multiply before).. she even has this "What kind of shopper are you" post last September, and she personally classified her own shopping styles, effort talaga, i thought it was was one of those quizzes, but I was wrong.

So for her latest addiction.. take a look..

** this patchwork purse is for my older sister**

** a stripe tote for me, it's big so it's mine hahaha **

** a wristlet, sling bag and a denim purse for her**

Thanks sister! Hindi ka naman addict.. I wish i can do that in one power shopping.. LOL *inggit!* Take care and we will definitely see each other on May '08.


macy said...

nice bags!

jenni said...

I love those bags! Wixh I had a sister with a big budget too! hehehe