Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Talk from Aggie

1. Are there any babies in your family or circle of friends?

There's a baby boom in our family. Joaquin is not the youngest anymore. Aside from his 4 cousins who are all older than him, I have a 5 month old nephew (from my cousin), and one about to pop on Feb. But if you'll ask on my HS friends, wala pa. From college none pa din. Hehehe.. Manang at Manong mga friends namin, they are not even married yet. Except for Sierra of Erika.

2. Are you one of those people who use a high-pitched, sing-song voice when talking to babies and small children?

Not really. I guess my voice is naturally sweet sounding,, hahaha! Joke!

3. If you were standing in line next to a *very* pregnant stranger at the bank or grocery store, what would you say to her?

Nothing. I don't usually open up conversations to strangers, not unless her water bag would break infront of me.. ibang usapan na yun.

4. Similarly, what do you say or do near babies in public?

I smile most of the times, then i tell Joaquin to say HI (with matching wave of his hand).. Then if the kid is ok with my son, I make chika to the mom :)

5. When walking through a department store, are you the sort of person who can go by the baby clothes without even a glance or do you have to stop to ooh and ahh?

I always make it a point to check the baby section, not primarily for the clothes but for toys, and other gears. We all know that boys always stick with shirts, polo shirts, shorts and pants. So there's nothing new for them. really hehehe :) I look for sale items though. But I seldom buy, I am fortunate that my mom, dad and sis shops for his clothes. He has something to wear til he reach 5 years old, believe me. Even shoes, madami pa syang stocks. I just shop for Pj's and sandos.

I Had fun answering Aggie! Thanks!

Now it's your turn, Erika, Ann, Alpha and Jacque

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